Using Body Language for Effective Communication

Effective communication
Using body language for effective communication

Effective communication is a mix of words and good use of body language. We have been naturally  programmed to communicate effectively using our body language and our words simultaneously. Think of our words as nasi lemak and what goes well with nasi lemak? You guessed it, sambal. Body language is the sambal to our dialogue; without body language, our conversations will seem dull and incomplete.

Sometimes however, our body language gives away our secrets. It is common for us to send out mixed signals through our body language when we feel uneasy, especially during interviews. Our objective here is to help you use your body language as a strength to increase the odds of your message being heard and easily understood.

Your eyes are the windows to your spirit

Eye contact is essential during an interview. It shows that you are confident. Therefore, maintain a decent level of eye contact with your interviewer to showcase that you are present, focused and are paying attention to what the other person is saying.

Maintain an eye contact so that you do not drift away from the conversation or look anxious. Remember, avoiding eye contact will make you look disrespectful and lost.

Be the best version of yourself

Using good body language during an interview will always get you extra brownie points. Your interviewer will look at your body language to see the level of confidence and understanding in you. Body language can help you learn about someone’s personality easily. A very simple example is “shaking of legs or looking at the floor” signifies that the person is uncomfortable and nervous.

Try not to overthink as you’ll be portrayed as an uninterested job candidate instead.

Work on your body language and find a balance to appear energetic and friendly in an interview.

Give individuals a chance to see your hands

Using hands while conversing is something we all do. Ever noticed how people use their hands when talking on the phone, even though the receiving end is unable to see them? Using hands to explain is pretty common for us all. Let your hands talk naturally to help you bring your conversation to life and make it more interactive.

Have an awesome handshake

Work on a firm and welcoming handshake as this will communicate strength and confidence. Be firm but not too harsh when shaking someone’s hand. A loose handshake is an offset and it indicates that you are weak; a firm handshake is a universal sign of mutual respect for both yourself and the interviewer. Remember keep it firm, but don’t squish the interviewers’ hand!

Apply these tips to help you boost confidence and create better effective communication in your next job interview.