Prepare Yourself With These Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions
Don’t stress over job interview – every interview is a two-way street

Job interview is the most crucial part for both the interviewer and the interviewee. It is an opportunity for both the job candidate and the recruiter to get to know one another and see if they are compatible. As a job candidate, there are many ways for you to prepare for your job interview. The most important, however, is to know your answers to the questions that the job interviewer will ask during the interview. This can be prepared beforehand because every interview is a two-way street. The questions which will be asked are similar for all job candidates. These questions are designed to show your personality as a potential employer in the organization. Interview questions are intended to evaluate job candidates work ethic, personality and goals.

It is very important to know exactly who you are as a job candidate. If your job interview does not go well, you will not be able to fill the vacancy at the end of the day, no matter how good you are on paper. As a job candidate, treat the interview as a meeting and take the opportunity to assess if the organization will be a good fit for your work ethic and personal growth.

Prepare yourself in advance by applying these tips and thinking over the answers for these questions to ACE your job interview:

How would you describe yourself as an individual?
Tell me something you are passionate about. Other than your career.
It says on your resume that you have experience in (previous experience). Tell us some more about that.
Why did you decide to study (your major)?
How has extra-curricular activities helped you better prepare yourself for this job?
Why did you choose this particular field as a career choice?
What do you know about our company?
What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
What makes you qualified for this position?
Describe your ideal job.
What were you most satisfied in your previous job?
What were you least satisfied in your previous job?
What is your greatest fear, when it comes to working in teams?
Describe your usual role in a team project.
Describe a team project you have been involved in recently. How has that helped you grow as an individual?
Why are you leaving your current job?
How do you deal with stressful situations?
How do you establish good relationships with your colleagues and supervisors at a new office?
How do you see yourself growing in the future?
What growth are you willing to bring to the organization?
What makes you different from other job candidates applying for this position?
What are some of the professional boundaries that you have in mind?
How would you deal with the following: if you came across a task that you had never experienced before?
Can you provide examples of personal qualities that would make you a success in the job you are applying for?
How would you dive into this job?


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