Interview Tips: Be the Candidate employers want to Hire

Get hired with these interview tips

Going through numerous articles to ace our first job interview is something we all do. But here’s a bitter sweet fact, there is no article or video which can help you get rid of your nerves before your interview. But you can always prepare yourself before the job interview and these tips will guide you to make your interview go well and make you feel confident.

1. Portfolio power

Make a portfolio to showcase your best work!

Make sure to bring your portfolio along with you to your job interview. It’s nice to show your work along side your resume and if ever you get stuck it’s a good way to distract your employer. Portfolio doesn’t necessarily have to be a printed copy of your work it can be digital as well!

2. Do your homework

Make sure know the job description, the requirements and who you are interviewing for. Know your employer and what the organization is known for. Compliment the employer with their existing product or service and add your suggestions further to let the employers know that you will bring positive growth to the company.

3. Be accepting and enthusiastic

Be open to new ideas. This shows that you have a flexible personality and you are easy to work with. Show real interest in the work the company does. During the interview bring along a sample work of the product or service with your twist so that they can see your ability to think outside the box.

4. Sell your strengths

Being nervous before the interview is  very common. However, make sure that you talk to your interviewer as a friend rather than an interviewer. This will help you converse in a less stressful tone. Mention your positive attributes and keep them in focus. Make a list of things before hand to tell the interviewers why you are unique and why should they hire you.

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5. Be appealing

During or at the end of your interview, the interviewer might ask for questions you have for them, this is your chance to ask genuine questions that you have about the work, company, and/or the vacancy you have applied for.

It is inappropriate for you to use this opportunity to ask questions that sell you for the job. Emphasis on making yourself appeal to them rather than marketing yourself.

So, when the interviewers ask what questions you have for them, use the opportunity to tell them what you are genuinely wondering about the vacancy and/or the company. Think of Interview as a meeting, and if they are interested in you, they want you to learn about them as well.

6. Work on an identity

Always look at your strengths and work along side them to form an identity for people to remember you. By the time you graduate and start looking for a job you should have an identity to work with. Have a little bit of “you” for your employer to remember you by! Your identity will help employers recall you and it will help you stand out from the rest.

Your identity can come from the way you work, your problem-solving skills or even the way you communicate with your peers.