Malaysia’s Highest Paying Jobs 2018

List of Highest-paying Jobs in Malaysia 2018
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We all wonder what are the highest-paying jobs. There is of course no correct answer to the question. Jobs in Malaysia along with the progresses in technological advancements has increased the number of specialties available for fresh graduates to pursue. However, these highest-paying jobs will see a frequent shift as Malaysia evolves.

After graduation, you are bound to come across a few questions such as should you accept the first job offer you get or tips to be the candidate every employer wants to offer. Many young Malaysians are overwhelmed with the number of specialties they have to choose from today. If you find yourself confused or unprepared, it is best you look into career counselling, which can guide you in making better choices. We advise you to look into job trends and the shift in job demand when pursuing a career choice. This is crucial because a low job demand for the career of your choice will leave you unemployed.

Malaysians need to understand the shift in the job market trend. The following graph shows the impact of trends in popular industries in Malaysia.

Trends Impacting Malaysian Industries

Trends Impacting Industries
Drivers of change in SEA countries. Source Future of Jobs Survey, WEF.

Here is a list of Top 10 Highest paying jobs in Malaysia to help you choose a successful career choice. The list is based on research and the average salary that is paid in the respective fields.

Fresh Graduates (Estimated Salaries)


Junior Executives (Estimated Salaries)


Salaries mentioned above do not include any other forms of incentives.


Manager (Estimated Salaries)


Doctors, engineers and managers in the aviation specializations draw the highest pay in Malaysia, with an average salary of RM 9,500 per month


Senior Manager (Estimated Salaries)


The average salary of a senior manager with years of experience can range up to RM 12,800 in all industries.

There you have it, a list of the highest paying jobs in Malaysia. As we said, these are all just estimated salaries and not everyone is paid equally. The list is here to give you an idea of how much you could or should be paid, and try to aim for it. If you are looking for a career in the highest paying jobs in Malaysia, we wish you all the best!